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 In "Remember The Titans" Julian and Gerry
 chose Ohio State over u of m.
"Buckeyes all the way, Baby!"
   Download video clip (wmv 993 kb if it doesn't play, RIGHT-CLICK & save)

It was only a matter of time that this would wind up on You Tube!!!!!

This scene is strangely not present on the DVD, not even in the deleted scenes section. It is only found in the television broadcast version.  (and here of course)



Ohio State OWNS MeatChicken


    Jeffseemann does it again! A freaking awesome compilation of clips from recent Ohio State/Michigan games. Watch as Jim Tressel's teams completely dominate LLLLloyd Carr's Wolverweenies!  Nice work Jeff!


    West Coast Buckeyes!  
    Ohio State Buckeye Fans In California  




This one will get you pumped & dancing!!!




    Jeffseemann usually posts highlight films...this is a lowlight film.



Mitch King has no class


That's OK, got yours.

    It's becoming tradition. Yet another "lowlight" video, after a team gets their butts handed to them by The Ohio State University






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Have you ever noticed that when you see a person
dressed in Michigan gear, they look like they're
 ready to pump gas at the local Sunoco station?
this Saturday!