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Links to news sites and support resources related to the terrorist attacks on the US

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When the unthinkable happened, they got the call.
The harrowing stories of New York City's Bravest.

"We have received a wake up call from hell. Now the question is simple: Do we rally to defeat this evil, while there is still time, or do we press a collective snooze button and go back to business as usual?" -- Benjamin Netanyahu


usa.gif (30102 bytes) THE AMERICANS    usa.gif (30102 bytes)
Broadcast June 5, 1973    
by Gordon Sinclair

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Steve Breen
San Diego Union Tribune

sowell.jpg (3488 bytes) Thomas Sowell
Pacifism and war

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God Is Back

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(from left to right) George Johnson, Dan McWilliams and Billy Eisengrein

Recent events have spurred a lot of "Forwards" in e-mail of the 1973 transcript of
"America: The Good Neighbor" by  Gordon Sinclair. This was set to patriotic music and recorded sometime around 1974  by Byron Macgregor, a disc jockey from Windsor, Ontario and made the top 10.  Tex Ritter also recorded and released a  version.

The piece is about how America is under appreciated. Sinclair writes that wherever there is a tragedy or natural disaster in the world, the first nation on the scene to help people out is the United States. He then comments how he doesn't remember the last time there was a tragedy in the United States where anyone from the outside showed up and offered help, not even during the San Francisco earthquakes.

Click on "The Americans"  link above for more information and the original transcript. There is a link there to hear it with Real Audio (minus the patriotic background music) Use KaZaA or any other Napster clone to get the musical version. The MP3 was too big for me to post on this Tripod page.

Download original broadcast (1.4 mb, 5-7 minutes @ 54 kbs)


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Sept. 11 Charity Gave Money to Group Defending Terror Suspects
A charity fund established to help victims of the Sept. 11th attacks, which is affiliated with the United Way, made a grant of $171,000 to a group defending eight individuals being held in connection with the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, D.C. More...

Click here to read more about this OUTRAGE!

A translation of the
-- Osama bin Laden
More WTC Info


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