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2nd Annual
Big Bass Bro Party
Feb 22, 2002

  Special Feature: STERLING UNMASKED!


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Sterling Showed up in a Fat Bastard suit and tried to win the Big Bass Olympics!

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Waiting in the hall              The Corb & Hoggy's girl      The Tables                         The Room

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Amber                              Corb, Sterling & Sheep        Original Big Bass             Rich, an original BBass

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Bob Kinnison (BK)               Joe and a "contender"       Joe & Da Vinci Lady             Andy, Corb & Joel

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The Corb                             Joel                              Andy from Lima               Big Bass Olympic winners

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Corporal Craig                 Sam, Major Mentel           Corb & his sheep           Mind if I dance wif yo' date?

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Fanpage Todd, Larry            Fanpage Kevin                 Paving Boy & Corp Craig     Todd, wife, & Kevin

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The Corb & Joel                Sterling, Larry, & Kevin     Todd, Kevin, & Larry       Gardening with Denny


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F1st Annual Big Bass Bros Meeting


  Happy Dog's FOOD REVIEW!

Brain cells come and brain cells go, but fat cells live forever.

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