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Can’t We Play Dirty Too?
It’s time to gouge some eyes.

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A MUST read by George Will



The Greenwood Position
Now we must fight for our country.
Peggy Noonan


Shamless Media is Laughable

Stalin said it best: "Voters decide nothing. Vote counters decide everything!"

11/22/00 4:50 p.m.
By Jack Dunphy*, an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department

My sanity was at risk. I stopped watching the farcical events unfolding in Florida when Jesse Jackson made his first appearance. I simply couldn't bear it any longer.
  Here was the same crowd who told us that sex wasn't really sex, that perjury wasn't really perjury, even that is wasn't really is, these people were now lecturing us on the rule of law.
  Here was the sublime irony of the son of Richard J. Daley, perhaps the greatest fixer in modern political history, weighing in on the importance of honesty and integrity in the counting of ballots. If I continued to watch, they would soon be coming for me in the rubber truck.
    For two weeks I have confined my television viewing to sports, primarily football, of course. Football fans know that once a ball carrier has "broken the plane" of the end zone he has scored a touchdown, and that even if he then fumbles the ball to see it recovered by the opposing team the touchdown still stands.
   Fans also know that referees can be imprecise in their judgement of such events, and that a loose ball can change hands several times as players bite, gouge eyes, and engage in all manner of thuggery at the bottom of a dog pile before the officials can rush in to sort things out.
     What we are witnessing in Florida is the aftermath of a hard-fought drive to the end zone. The Bush team scored on the final play of the game, but they are now getting jobbed by the officials — the Florida supreme court — who refuse to whistle the play dead. The refs blithely stand by as the vice president's teammates, including the swarm charging in from the bench, pile on, and wrest the ball from the governor's bleeding hands.
    "Look what they're doing!" the Republicans say to the officials. "They're cheating! We won the game fair and square! What about the rules?" "Rules, schmules," the justices answer. "The rules are what we say they are, and this game ain't over till we say it's over." The sages in the press box, their money and their hearts on the Democratic side, nod their assent. "Sounds good to us," they say.
     So the game continues, and the advantage belongs to those who can play rough. In this contest, it's like the nice kids from Sidwell Friends taking on the team from the local prison.
    All those dimpled and hanging chads will be thrown into the Gore pile, and all the pregnant ones will be allowed to gestate into full-term Gore votes. (Only a baby can be aborted, you see, never anything so precious as a chad.)
      Soon we'll see William Daley or someone of his ilk on MSNBC saying, with a straight face, that the dog ate several thousand Gore votes, which should now be added to the vice president's total. No problem, the Florida supreme court will say.
    And when it's all over the Republicans will be left standing in dumfounded silence as the Democrats tear down the goal posts and carry their hero from the field. Doesn't anyone on our team know how to play dirty?




Gore Busters
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the sad truth from a Gore supporter
Sat Nov 25 18:49:48

Yes I voted for Gore.  I belived in him and all that he 
stood for.  The environment, human rights, civil rights, 
you name it.  Now I am sad to say I no longer trust 
respect or belive in this man.  I do not claim any 
political party as my own.  So this is not a republican 
saying this, just a young woman that is discusted by the 
media, the spin dr.'s, and by the man I voted for. No 
amount of spin can change the fact that Gore and his 
party has tried to throw out the votes of our military.  
These people fallowed the law and did all that was 
required of them to cast a vote for the man that will 
lead the country that they protect.  Yet we ignore these 
votes because of a mistake.  But we are willing to except 
a bimpled chad? Gore has said that every vote counts, but 
only if they are votes that will help him.  I have been 
trying to convince myself that Gore was doing all he 
could to win because he truly belived he would help this 
nation.  But I am no longer able to believe that.  This 
is now only an issue of winning at all costs.  Not about 
being fair, or honest, or just.  It is now about who has 
better lawyer, who can find the legal loop holes, and who 
has the most dimpled chads. 

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