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John Corby The Movie

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Starring Robert Pastorelli as The Corb

In an average American city in an average part of town, no one expects extraordinary displays of courage and daring. This explosive tale of gut wrenching excitement coupled with an unparalleled display of human endurance will leave you totally breathless. The Farrelly brothers  have encapsulated the essence of John Grisham's latest Bestseller, BUCKEYETOWN and turned it into a hillarious comedy.  At no other time in American history has such a daunting undertaking ever been accomplished with so much mastery. You will laugh, you‘ll cry, you’ll hold your chest with anxiety as you experience a roller coaster ride of emotions in this
film of a lifetime!

All Star Cast

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Drew Carey  John Goodman    Helen  Hunt David Hyde-Pierce Kevin Spacey   Steven Seagal
George Lehner Joe Bradley "Event Queen"
Sterling "Paving
the way Boy"
Corporal Craig


Supporting Cast

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La Salle
"Boom Boom"
Larry Larson Andy
from Lima
Andy from
The Eastside
Betty   Burlap
Boy's Mom
Tony White Creator
Corby Fan Page


Robert Pastorelli  …… Corby
Drew Carey  ….. George Lehner
John Goodman ……. Joe Bradley
Helen Hunt  ……… Amber
David Hyde Pierce …….. Sterling
Kevin Spacey ….. Paving the way Boy
Steven Seagal ......... Corporal Craig Sinclair

Supporting Cast

Anthony Hopkins ........Steve "Boom Boom Cannon"
Steve Buscemi ............ Larry Larson
Robin Williams  ............Andy from Lima
Whitman Mayo .............. Andy from the Eastside
Lorraine Bracco …....... Betty (Burlap Boy’s Mom)
Eriq La Salle ...........Tony White

Paul Reubens ...................... Burlap Boy
Randolph Mantooth ......... Larry from Westerville

Bob Conners ................ Best Boy Key Grip

Based on the John Grisham Bestseller "BUCKEYETOWN"

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John Corby The Movie

eberts.jpg (1031 bytes)eberts.jpg (1031 bytes)eberts.jpg (1031 bytes)eberts.jpg (1031 bytes)eberts2.jpg (882 bytes) 4.5 out of 5 Eberts!

"Better than CATS!" -
Eberts The Chicago Sun Times

"Action, Romance, Drama, Comedy this movie has it all!" -
Critics Corner

"Destined to be a Classic!"-
The New York Times

"If I laughed any harder,
I'd need Depends!" -

Rex Reed

"I peed my pants!" -
Gene Shallot

"You'll want to see it
again and again!" -
Boxoffice Magazine

"Makes Titanic
look like Bugs Bunny!" -
Entertainment Weekly

"There's not a lot of brain work involved in 'Corby', a flat-out celebration of stupidity, bodily functions and pratfalls Yet the wholeheartedness of this descent into crude and rude humor is so good-natured and precise that it's hard not to partake in the guilty pleasures of the exercise" -

"If you're a slightly dim 12-year-old or if you just enjoy thinking like one, you might enjoy 'Corby' the Movie"-
Washington Post

"We shot beer out our nostrils!" -
Adam Corolla & Jimmy Kimmel
The Man Show

"This will change the way we look at movies forever!" -
Boston Globe

"Hyde's macho protrayal of Sterling is worthy of an Oscar." -
Sterling's Mom

"When this movie comes to cable, you'll actually drop the remote for 2 hours!" -

Joe Bradley  610WTVN



REVIEW by "Popcorn Pete"

Before I start into this review, let me warn parents about this movie. For some unknown reason, John Corby The Movie attained a PG-13 rating. Personally, I think that the Movie classification board has lost its marbles, as the content contained within this movie is simply adults only. I felt sorry for the parents who took their kids (well, it is PG-13, parents should think twice about a movie that has that classification). I also felt sorry for the kids who saw this, they looked traumatized on the way out. Although some of them were too young to understand the content so hopefully they aren't all scarred for life.

Seriously though everything Corby does is "for the children" - this is not a kid's movie!

Now that my public service announcement is over, let me tell you how funny John Corby The Movie is! It's not funny in a Seinfeld *chuckle* way, it's funny in a OH MY GOD THAT's FUNNY rolling in the aisles way!!! Hilarious even! I haven't laughed that hard since I saw the tubby guy from Neighbors working the action at the Penrith ladies bowling club function..

Pastorelli (Murphy Brown's painter) stands foursquare at the center of the story as The Corb! His flawless interpretation of Central Ohio's favorite radio talk show host during the "log" scene will have audiences talking for months and will undoubtedly land him an Oscar nomination. Likewise, Goodman's jovial portrayal of Corby-sidekick, Joe Bradley was superb and should put him in contention for best supporting actor. With some help from Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic we actually relive the beach ball episode at the local Grand Salon!

Hunt (Mad About You) delivers as the lovely "Promotions Queen" Amber as does Carey (Drew Carey Show) as the savvy sports director, George Lehner and La Salle (ER) as sports analyst, Tony White. Hopkins (Hannibal) was splendid as the fiendish villain, "Boom Boom" who had been hypnotized by a gypsy over the phone during his late night show. The crazed Cannon then sets out to conquer the world with the help of his little buddy, Sterling, played by Hyde-Pierce (Fraizer) by infecting the world's population with Madcow disease. Corb himself falls prey to their sinister plot as he rants and raves and foams at the mouth over the airwaves.

Enter our two Action Heroes,  Seagal and Spacey as Corporal Craig Sinclair and Paving the Way Boy, Tim Mentel, who set out to rescue Burlap Boy and his mother portrayed by Ruebens (Pee-Wee Herman) and Brocco (The Sopranos) from the evil clutches of the diabolical Boom Boom & Sterling. It seems that even though Burlap Boy, has no body, he is a genius and holds the cure for the disease which ails The Corb.

Williams (Mork& Mindy) makes a few appearances as Andy from Lima, mostly for comic relief and Mantooth (Emergency) as the amazingly brilliant and uncharacteristically cool website geek with waaay too much time on his hands wasn't spotted at all.

This movie covers all the bases and will leave everyone clammering for the sequal! Movies like this require a kind of daring. There are jokes that must have made even the filmmakers groan (John's licking and frolicking of the weather beaten butter bags while in his madcow induced frenzy, for example). Good taste, prudence and timidity had no place on the set. The Farrellys cut no corners and took no prisoners. "Corby" provides the release of many kinds of laughter, including the most rare: disbelieving.


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