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The original E-mail
that set off one of
the Zaniest Corby
Shows ever!

Weather Beaten
Butter Bags Show"

by Larry from Westerville

This e-mail was read by Corb on the air. It was an instant hit and set off a barrage of calls.

What ensued was a zany piling on of callers adding their own details to the description of this "lady."

One caller described this customer's bussom as a set of "Weather-beaten-butter-bags." thus affectionately naming this episode of the Corby Show.

I wrote an e-mail detailing her homemade tattoo of "SATIN" where her drunk boyfriend apparently misspelled the name of the devil, which Corb read on the air. That's when I think I was hooked.

Thanks, Kevin for sharing this bit of Corby Show History!

----- Original Message -----

From: Kevin

Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 4:55 PM

Subject: Don't go out

Kroger's has cars circling the lot like sharks at a shipwreck. I had to pick up one item, spent twenty minutes in the the cash only 6 item or less line while the fat broad in front of me decided not to wait until she got to her car to start to start sucking down the chicken wings she bought at the deli.(She was in no danger of starving-her left buttock alone had enough blubber to get her across country and back) She then grabbed a Mountain Dew out of the cooler and started swilling it while bitching loudly about how slow the cashier was. She didn't bother to take her items out of the little basket, so the cashier did it, and she had to put her wings down to pull out her wallet and handed the cash over with her greasy fingers. I don't know why postal workers are always going nuts-I would think grocery clerks would have far more provocation- maybe they just pee in the food in the back room to relieve their frustration.

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