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Big Bass Bros get Burlap Boy's Mom to Stop Crying!

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Burlap Boy with his mom, Betty

body_hslogo.gif (2494 bytes) Betty told me that she stopped crying when she found out that she was going to attend the First Annual meeting of The Big Bass Brothers! She said this allowed her to interview for her new job which she will be starting as a sales rep for Head & Shoulders hair care products


The boy with just a head and a burlap sack for a body

Dear Mr. Corby,

I had a great time at the Big Bass Brothers meeting. My mom doesn’t take me out very often – she says it makes her cry when people point and stare at me.

Tonight I felt like I was with friends – a tall nice man nicknamed me Russell – since my body is just a burlap bag filled with leaves. I thought it was funny, but my mom didn’t laugh.

I wish I could have gotten a wristband for a souvenir, but the nice lady at the desk seemed embarrassed to ask me if I wanted one.

My mom had a good time too. She’s been a lot happier and doesn’t cry as much since she got a job – she sells Head and Shoulders. When she shows people my picture, they seem to buy more.

I am still hoping to get a body someday soon. Until then, I will think back to my night out with you and the other Bass Brothers. Gee, maybe someday I can go to lunch with you and the guys – that would be almost as good as getting a new body!!

Thank you again,

Billy "Smiles" Evans

P.S. Happy Birthday Mr. Corby

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member # 0186

As a newly appointed "Official Member" of   The Big Bass Brothers, here's my review:

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Corb signing autographs

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Andy from Lima

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Paving the Way Boy &
Corporal Craig

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The tiny room

I have to say the food was great! At least, what little I sampled. I had some lasagna from Da Vinci and it was superb! The reason that was all I ate was that there were only about a dozen small tables in half of this cramped room. The other half of the room held the serving tables from the 6 restaurants. What a spread! Since the eating tables were all filled up at 5:45 when I arrived I had to stand and hold my bag of goodies, free  T-shirt, and paper plate of  food in one hand and my plastic fork in the other. No way I could handle a beverage until after I ate. (I know, it's my own fault for not being early) The worst part about this Standing Room Only eating was that not only did you have to stand and eat in a crowd, you had to do it right where others were coming in and trying to get their food and you had to keep moving around to get out of everyone's way. That part sucked, it really did! I wolfed down my lasagna and opted for the cash bar and a Bud Light.

While a lot of people who attended fought for a place to stand and eat their food in the back of the room, the select few with tables relaxed and enjoyed the show in the front of the room. In my humble opinion, John should've been there from the start. The room came to life when he arrived at about 6:30 with a an eruption of  the crowd singing, Happy Birthday to you! Of course, Corb yelled out, "It's not my birthday, but thanks!"  It was a really good party and a lot of fun.

The best part of the evening was getting to meet with and talk to the cast and crew of The Corby Show. What a great bunch of people! Joe Bradley, Corporal Craig, Paving the way boy, Joel, Amber, and Corb himself. Not to mention Andy from Lima, what a funny and friendly guy, except he had this strange habit of jabbing his fingers in my chest when he talked to me. It was also a thrill to actually meet Burlap Boy and his mother, Betty!

I think they all realized that they F'd up with the small room for the Big Bass as John promised at the end to "Do this again in the fall with a bigger room." I'll second that!

All things considered it was a really fun evening. The absolute topper was getting in my car and turning on the radio and finding out that the Buckeyes were rocking and rolling over the Illini with 11 minutes to go! Especially after watching Tony White dog them.

Special thanks to the lovely Amber for all her hard work and to Ohio Heart, Da Vinci, Guido's, The Old Bag of Nails, Ashley's, Gibby's, The Thurman Cafe, and 610 WTVN for putting on this event.
                                                                                - Larry from Westerville

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e-mail me more pics, I'll certainly post them here.


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